Schelklingen lies in the idyllic valley of the River Aach and is surrounded by rolling green hills. The biosphere area of the Swabian Jura with its forests and caves is criss-crossed by an extensive network of cycle routes and footpaths.

You can travel over the Jura to Ulm on the historical tram known as the “Ulmer Spatz” (the Ulm Sparrow).

Schelklingen open-air swimming pool is within easy walking distance.


Tourist attractions in the immediate vicinity and slightly further afield:

Schelklingen has a long history stretching back to the Palaeolithic Age. The town became famous because of the “Venus of Hohle Fels”, a figurine discovered in a nearby cave. All the caves in the vicinity are sites of important archaeological digs. The museum in Schelklingen is the place to go if you want information on the digs and archaeological finds.

The figurine of Venus is 40,000 years old and made from mammoth ivory. It is considered to be the oldest known human figurative artwork. This figurine, along with numerous other high quality finds from the region, is exhibited in the Museum of Ancient History in Blaubeuren.


A visit to Blaubeuren, just 8 km from Schelklingen, is an absolute must – and not only for its museum. The architecture and artwork in the old town and monastery are well worth seeing. In terms of art history, the monastery church with its medieval high altar and choir stalls made by the leading artists of the time from the so-called Ulm School represent a highlight.

The surrounding landscapes and nature are also stunning. One unmissable sight is the legendary Blautopf (blue pot) spring. The water of this vibrant blue-green spring emerges from the deepest branches of the Jura’s system of underground caverns. Incidentally, an offshoot from this system can also be found in Schelklingen.


Ulm, which lies some 25 km from Schelklingen, has countless sights – indeed something for everyone whatever their taste: an Old Town, Ulm Minster, museums, fishing quarter, the banks of the Danube and plenty more besides. A good overview is provided by the city’s website.